Thursday, February 7, 2013

Softening Up

Bella and I have a lot in common. One of those things used to be sleeping habits. Neither of us could stand being touched while sleeping. Large comfort sleep bubbles. Want to cuddle while awake? Fine. Time to actually sleep, though? You get on your side, I stay on my side. If you cross the line I will address it.  See you in the morning!
Now though? She's close to being referred to as clingy. Even just six months ago she would not have tolerated this...
She would have frowned at Kate, held a look of disgust for about 4 seconds and then moved. She even sleeps up against my back now. She is still polite about it, it's just weird.
And, every month in the email newsletter from the place they do daycare and boarding at they do a list of the dog birthdays for that month. The dogs are listed by age starting with the youngest. Bella was second to last this month. Moving on down the list.
She's not that old, but I suspect some of that is like 50 not seeming that old to me anymore now that it's not that far away!
At least my hair isn't getting all crazy and I haven't started sleeping in the car.

Kate's not car sleeping yet.
Totally fights even if completely exhausted from being at daycare for 6 days.
Can't. Sleep. If. Not. In. Bed.

Kate will not age. No slowing down. No crazy hair. No extended naps.
 I think that Kate will just fall over one day and that will be it.
When her batteries run out.


  1. How adorable. At least they are good for warmth or a pillow
    Benny & Lily

  2. Love the photos and totally agree about the sleeping thing.
    I tend to toss and turn until I find the golden spot as it is.

  3. Hah, it's funny how some of them are so particular about sleeping. I used to have two dogs that really would stretch out in a way that was almost like "sure you COULD sit right next to me while I'm sleeping, but you might get a paw to the jugular, just fair warning." The guy I have now is a major, epic snuggler, even though he's like 110lbs so it can get kind of awkward. He loves sleeping pressed up against me until he gets too hot and biology forces him to move to the floor. This is sometimes awesome (he makes a great little spoon) and sometimes awkward when I wake up to epic dog breath in my face. ;D

  4. That's a great photo of them sleeping "together"! I love it when Kosmo puts his chin over Maddy's neck or back and falls asleep like that.