Monday, November 5, 2012

Crappy move or no?

This ad is currently up on craiglist.
4 Month Old Border Collie
Date: 2012-11-02, 11:38AM PDT
I have a young Border Collie female available to an approved home She is from hard-hitting stock dog bloodlines and while she will be a great herding dog, she is very manageable in the home as she does not herd people, other animals or furniture. She is a very fast learner, she was taught how to find and hold the heel position in two days. I am going to be working on her stationary commands such as sit and down soon as well. She is also learning how to wrap poles and front cross on the flat (agility skills).She is in the process of sound desensitization as she was raised on an old school ranch with not much exposure to the outside world. For how little she knows and how long I have had her, she has improved a lot and all of her small, puppy quirks will fade out as she learns more about the world.
She is ABCA registered and I was planning on dual registering her with the AKC. She has her puppy vaccinations that were completed at the breeders as well as being dewormed. I do not believe in vaccines myself though, so no more have been completed since she has been with me. She is eating a grain free kibble with greek yogurt and sea kelp as a supplement. Boiled chicken, apples and cheese are used as her treats.
The reason I am rehoming her is because I need a more crazy and "in your face" dog for sports. This girl is all about snuggles! She will be able to train and compete in agility no problem but is better suited for someone who's life does not revolve around the sport like mine.
One liner emails will NOT be responded to. You must let me know about yourself. Thank you!
My initial reaction when it was first pointed out to me was, “what a douche bag!”
But see, I don’t have a fundamental issue with rehoming a dog. If someone had a working dog (sheepdog, police dog, service dog) that was not working out for some reason I would not give responsibly rehoming that dog a second thought. If the owner/handler said that dog needed a pet home because they couldn’t do the work or handle the stress or whatever…fine. Or maybe they need another handler because their personalities don’t mesh…. Soft dog with burly handler….hard dog with a mushy handler, etc. OK.
I also don’t have an issue with a pet being rehomed if it is in everyone’s best interest. There is no way in hell I would turn my life upside-down (or my dogs) to manage a, say, dangerous dog. I don’t think that training can solve all problems and I can’t live with dogs that I don’t trust. Will not spend my life on pins and needles. I don’t have the personality for that shit.
This ad, though? There is something about it that just makes me sad. Is it because a stupid game we play on the weekends appears to be the priority here? What happens if this person gets the perfect agility dog and that dog gets injured? Craigslist for them, too? Maybe I am just bothered by someone talking about their dog like it’s a lawn mower? Just a tool for their weekend pleasure and if they don’t measure up…down the road you go? Maybe it’s the “I need a more crazy and "in your face" dog for sports.” Because that shit drives me right up a wall. Read this a few times, people…
“Drive” and a “complete lack of self-control” are NOT THE SAME THING
That bouncing off the walls, cannot walk on a leash, cannot stop barking dog is not “drivey,” it’s just an asshole.
“Sensible” and “thinking” are always better.
Yes, always.
Which I suppose means I could totally put Kate up on craigslist.
Free to home. Border-ish collie. Not super bright. Runs into walls. Knows a few tricks. Will do agility but only because you ask her to. Occasionally leaks urine in her sleep. Often in the way. Excels as ball bring-er back-er, hiking or running partner, fly patrol. Doesn’t bark. Like, ever. Also does cool shit with her tongue.


  1. Four months seems WAAAAY too young to figure out a dog's personality. As a dog trainer and someone who dabbles with agility with one of my dogs, it's incredibly hard to tell a dog's personality in just 4 months... especially a puppy! What a jerk. "She just wants to snuggle, I want a dog that doesn't want to do anything BUT agility!" It's a dog, not a machine, ffs.

  2. The ad sounds like it might possibly be a scam - one of those ones where they make the dog sound wonderful, hook you in, claim to be living somewhere else but will ship you the dog if you send them the money..... (this is a popular scam at the moment).

    What raises red flags for me is that if the dog is only four months old, it has been with this owner no more than eight weeks. Unless it was from a backyard breeder or puppymill (which doesn't sound likely given this person's familiarity with healthy diet, dog sports, etc), most good breeders would insist on taking back a puppy that young.

  3. I agree the ad sounds fishy. But honestly how could you not love a snuggly dog that is smart and a little quirky. Sounds like there is something else going on with either the puppy or the owner.

  4. I totally believe this ad, sadly. My friend got a Malinois off of CL at 4 months - same idea, only he wasn't "drive-y" enough or whatever to compete in French Ring. It's so awful when you think about it...I hate people.

  5. I agree with you about the "need" to do agility. I thought agility was supposed to be a fun game we play with our dogs? When did it turn into the end all and be all for people?
    I love, love, love my soft, cuddly dogs who occasionally play agility with me.

  6. I would understand rehoming a dog that didn't mesh with the handler in sports to a good home, but not through something like Craigslist. More like, someone who knows them falls in love with the dog and is obviously an amazing match, so the dog ends up at that person's home instead. Or at least reaching out through your agility contacts for someone interested in that kind of a dog.

    I love playing flyball. Koira has been, what, four years in training for flyball, and has hardly every competed? I would never dream of sending her off to another home just to get a "better" dog to do sports with.

    And, have to say, this person appears to know nothing about what drive is and how to use it to your advantage in training dog sports. If the dog has good herding potential, it is plenty drivey enough for sports.

  7. I've seen some pretty stupid ads for rehoming dogs on two "favorites" they were getting rid of a puppy because it was to hyper, aren't all puppies hyper? The other was a beagle, they didn't know it would have a hunting instincts, like seriously did they not look into anything about beagles before they got the dog? I think I would be okay with rehoming a young dog that isn't seeming to get along with other resident (previously owned dog) and all possibilities have been tried or something along those lines of dangerous dog and owner doesn't want to deal with it but really that type of dog should go to a rescue who has the resources to work with the dog and not Craiglist.

    This guy seems like a jerk to me, get rid of dog because it wants to snuggle...I wish my dog wanted to snuggle with me all day, nope he would much rather run around like a crazy man. Hope the next puppy he gets is all about agility or it will soon be on Craiglist was well.

  8. It does seem fishy. I sure hope it's not a hoax and that the Border goes to a good home. Four months is young. And seriously? Your dog runs into walls? That's hilarious! We had one, growing up, who was constantly running into the sliding glass door. He was the best dog ever.

    Oh, pop over and vote to win a treat?

  9. Hmpf. Does sound sad. However your mock
    Ad for Kate was hilarious. Thanks for ending this post with a good laugh :)

  10. Ads like this are reasons I need supervision so I do not become a dog hoarder! Wish I knew the age of the pup.....a really well respected trainer always says, "speed comes with confidence" You made some great points.....

  11. Great pics! One day, I won't have to take my photos on an iPod touch!

  12. The problem with that Craig's list ad isn't the situation - I can see re-homing a sport dog to a less competitive household. Good for everyone.

    The problem is, if owner is a competitive agility handler, then they should be re-homing the dog through the endless network of agility players, trainers, clubs, etc...

    The fact that this is not the case?
    Yeah. You are probably right with that original assessment. Somebody's a douche-bag.