Monday, September 10, 2012

City Woods

As much as the cost of living here disgusts me, there are a few perks. It is kind of cool that even though it is the 10th largest city in the US there is still a fair amount of outdoorsy.
Not totally out of the ordinary to see a wild turkey at the dog park
I have seen deer, bobcat, coyotes, and tarantulas in city parks.
City is never that far, though.
Yes, the trees smell nice. Six-lane expressway on the other side of that wall, though.
She doesn’t care. Just likes walking in the crunchy bits
Pretend hunting. I love the cautious sniffing. One back foot lagging behind. Something for me to grab onto should she need rescue?
Hi! I am in the woods but not really!
It gives Kate a chance to attend to something other than the voices in her head.
So funny to watch her root around. She gets so serious and methodical.
Lots of staring. No chasing allowed. Staring OK. Hard staring. Like, trip over her because she does not move kind of staring.
And so not the best bug shot ever, but see the little droplet on the left side?
Bella spittle.
Was helping. :)


  1. It is a beautiful place. It is so expensive where we are too. But lots of pretty things
    Benny& Lily

  2. Looks like you're enjoying your environment! AWESOME. There's always Tulsa, if you decide to move. ;)

    Pop over to my blog today? There's a contest happening! Giving away a treat. :)

  3. Are we mistaken, or is that a redwood Kate is sniffing? We know ALL about Redwoods because we went to Big Basin State Park last weekend.

  4. Very nice pictures! Probably the hardest thing to find in a city is a dog friendly park.

  5. Nice photographs, fantastic dog. I am greeting

  6. Love the blog! Just started following you! :)

  7. We have a woods in the city too...My boy loves it, your dogs look like they really enjoy their "woods".

  8. I just started reading you blog, it's pretty neat. I really like the 3 pictures (down from top) makes it look like he/she is a wild wolf/dog in the woods :)

  9. Nice images I really like the 3 pictures (down from top) makes it look like he/she is a wild wolf/dog in the woods :)

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  10. this is great, what kind of breed is he? i hope you can visit my site too :)