Thursday, August 30, 2012

Yes, Still Alive. Thanks For Caring!

It used to be that one would get letters or phones calls...
"why don't you ever write"..."you haven't called in weeks"..etc.
"You haven't posted in 6 weeks, is everything OK?"
Doesn't matter that I haven't called or emailed....where are those dog photos, damn it!
Well, I still don't really have any of those. Have not taken a single pic since July 14.
Eh. You know how you go through phases in life? I am in one of those kinda shitty ones where work is concerned and even though I hate my job I would kind of like to keep know...internet bitching to a min.
Typical work conversation....
Coworker: How is today going?
Me: Well, I am still not a felon!
Coworker: So, no one has had to call the popo?
Me: Nope!
Coworker: Awesome!
It's a daily theme with varying degrees of colorful language.
We do have an agility trial this weekend and the weather looks to be actually bearable for the central valley this time of year, so maybe pics next?
To tide you over, a vid of one of Bella's rules. Both of mine have these things that they have totally just made up on their own. Like, Kate will not take a drink of water while playing ball unless she has the ball. It's like her Hall Pass or something. Bella thinks that she is not supposed to take something out of my hand if it pointing upward. No idea where that came from. Sideways? Fine. Up? No!
Whatever, weirdo.
And, some suspicious Kate.


  1. Bella Bella you sure smella!

    She IS a weirdo.

  2. She is not e weirdo, she just does not want to bite your fingers, which is difficult when the bit i vertical and easy when horizontal.

  3. 13hSorry work is difficult right now. I love your dogs and the love that shows in your pictures. Your pictures always make me smile and give me a nice warm feeling. Hang in there.