Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Have So Many Of These

Probably hundreds of this very shot. I just keep taking them. Keep looking at them. I don’t know, it’s just so…. Bella.


I could look at these all day. She is on a dog bed right behind me as I type this. Still looking at the pictures.


Patient. Thinking. Ready.


Someone else maybe not so patient?


She’s like that fake can of peanuts with the spring in it. DSC_3411

When the light first peeks through the trees at the dog park in the morning it happens to land right on one of the benches. They did not understand the need to pose mid-ball playing session.

More running, less smiling.


And just to warn you, I rented a big lens this weekend. You will be inundated with bird pics this week when I get through sorting.


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  2. Hi: I always love reading your blog. The love you have for your pups is so obvious in your words.

  3. great pics. All dogs should be regularly checked out so take them to your localvet and keep them healthy and happy!