Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Does She Get Tired Of Her Shadow?

Sorry - crappy webcam captures from daycare.

The collies - always in formation

I wonder if Bella ever gets tired of Kate on her ass?

 Like a big sister-little sister thing?  Like...OMG, would you just go away?  Maybe it's a game for Kate?  Playing fighter pilots?  Geese?  Bowling pins?

Apparently, 2 o'clock is I've Had Enough time for Bella.  Needs her nap.  A little Me Time.

Everyone else going to the other room?  Nah, I'll stay here.  I'm good, thanks.

That is, until sweatered Basset decides to sit RIGHT THERE to clean her hoo ha

Funny thing is, I know exactly what Bella's face looked like at that moment.  It was a mixture of shock and disgust.  Subtle, but there.
I'd put money on it.  :)


  1. And some folks think dogs are just dogs ! Bella - 1 , Basset - 0.

  2. that day care makes my Lily scream and shiver. You look like you are having fun
    Benny & Lily

  3. My dog is exactly the same! She is the follower to my cousins black lab. Funny to see how dogs line up in authority like that