Friday, November 11, 2011

Lure Screaming

We went to a fun match a few weeks back.  We're all Agility Serious like that.  I went under the guise of working on Bella's weaves and getting Kate some indoor practice.

All lies.

We went because they did lure coursing in the afternoon. 

Lure coursing with the addition of my favorite dog photog: Dave Mills

Can't pass that up.

Have I mentioned that Kate likes to scream while lure coursing?

That she doesn't tend to pay much attention and just runs like the wind and later realizes that Bella has actually turned?

At least someone is paying attention

Even if it is in a slightly creepy, crazy person kinda way

Too much speed and not enough processing power
Good thing her breaks work

That is our dear Kate

And we get to course again this weekend!

If you are in Northern California and you hear


on Sunday morning, that would be us.



  1. Jealous. My coursing club is holding a practice tomorrow, but I don't get to go. Stupid work anyway.

    Do you always run your dogs together? We generally run singles only with the non-sighthounds at my club.

  2. So funny! Great pictures. Ain't life grand?

  3. "Do you always run your dogs together?"

    Yes! When we first tried it they were on an oval track. Kate would run the first straight leg and then turn around and come back. Too far away for her. The folks that run it suggested running them together so she would get comfy with it and we just continued. Easier than wrangling them seperately and a shorter wait time for everyone! Plus, I think it's more fun for Kate to run with Bella than by herself. Bella couldn't care less. :)

  4. These pictures are great! Did you take them yourself? Fantastic! You know, they are so cute running like this to us, but probably the most frightening thing to a rabbit... sorry what a weird thought. I enjoyed this post, thank you!

  5. Wonderful photos! I'm excited to add your blog to mine:

  6. gorgeous pictures!! both of your dogs are awesome!
    I think I saw you, but I wasn't sure...
    I wish I could have stayed for lure coursing and Sunday!

  7. Such a nice pictures, it was perfectly captured. Congratulations!