Monday, July 25, 2011

WTHIWWK Part 3: I Told You She Was Skinny


So, good news, her elbows and shoulders are fab.  Like, not even "normal" wear and tear for a dog of her age and activity level.  Really good.

So, Yay! for that.

Other good news, her microchip is in the right place.

Is it me or does her throat look like vacuum cleaner hose?

She came home a walking example of Three Sheets To The Wind

She is not mid-lick there.  Just can't keep all her bits in her face.

Aww, poor Kate. 

 Yet, HAHA!

At least she's a happy drunk and not an angry drunk.

The the semi-bad news is that she has some thickening of the first two (or maybe it was three - damn, I should really write these things down) thoracic vertebrae.  No apparent disc damage.

She doesn't think it was too much beyond normal wear and tear.  Nothing like....OMG!  But, it may be affecting the way she carriers herself.

So, next step will be chiro eval for more poking and prodding and gate analysis.

And no drugs for that!  She can experience the uncomfortable feeling my wallet is.

Dude, don't fuck with my mellow!


  1. I've never had to bring a dog to a chiropractor before. interesting stuff.

    I laughed, a lot, at her 'three sheets to the wind' photo session. too funny!

  2. Well we'll continue to keep our paws crossed for more good news for Kate :)

    And HAHA at the fact that she "can't keep all her bits in her face."

    Happy drunk > angry drunk. For sure.

  3. Great pictures. Which ortho did you take her to?

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  5. aww, drunk kate is very very cute.

  6. Kate and Bella are awesome. I have found your blog recently and have been reading your posts from the beginning. I'm up to February, '09. I thought my dog was photogenic - until I met Kate and Bella. What lovely, silly dogs you have. Thank you for the great pictures and the joy they have brought me.