Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Country Teefs, Now With More Country!

We have the same little routine when I get home from work. I go down to my office and sit in my chair. Bella gets in my lap and we have our how-do-you-do’s. Complete with lots of cooing and whining.

Only, on Monday, the conversation went like this…

How are you?

*whine whine whine*

How was your little doggy day?

*whine whine whine*



Where the hell is your tooth?!?!


Missing chicklet!

I couldn’t figure out what the hell she could have possibly done at home that would cause a tooth to make a run for it, then I remembered her PVC run-in on Sunday. We were lure coursing. They use 4-6” pipe cut in half to cover the lure at the start and end. On their first run, Bella tried to grab the bag as it snapped up going into the pipe. I was looking right at her and thought she hit her chin. I checked her chin out, no blood or anything. I guess that’s not what she hit.


Isn’t it amazing how these guys do things that would put a grown man on his knees and they don’t even blink? I cannot think of a single activity where I would not be stopped dead in my tracks if I had a tooth knocked out of my head.

We did make a vet trip. All’s good in the hood. No surgery or anything.

I think she experienced more discomfort in the photographing of used-to-be tooth spot than she did when it got knocked out.

Let’s see ‘em, Bella

No, don’t just crinkle your nose. I want teeth!

No, dang, Bella, in focus teeth

Forchistsake! The bottom ones. Come here.

*deep sigh* Would you work with me, please?!


Much better !

Although, perhaps not as menacing?

Maybe we should quit agility and take up hockey?


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  2. Bella looks like she would fit right in with those San Jose Sharks fans! Hockey is good but agility is better for the Bella!

  3. Ahhh what a cute greeting you and mom have when she gets home. Love those pearly whites
    Benny & Lily

  4. Just discovered your blog and I love it. Your photography is great and your dogs are absolutely beautiful. Border Collie's are my favorite but I currently don't have the availability to keep one happy. Both your girls are beautiful and you depict their personalities great. I get a sense of knowing both of them. Very good girls; lucky to have you and you're blessed to have them.

    I've been reading some older posts and I can't wait until I get some time to look at the rest of it later, and again, the pics are phenomenal. Thanks for sharing these wonderful dogs with us!

    Shauna, Mia, Bailey

  5. I'm a regular reader, love your blog, your dogs, their antics/expressions and your hilarious commentary and stories. I, too, have two border collies and sympathize with you. :-P (I occasionally chronicle our adventures here

    I've been a silent observer until now, but I just had to comment on this post. About a year ago while hiking on a trail in the woods, my BC Lizzie, who was 9yo at the time, ran at a million MPH, face first, into a rock in pursuit of a ball (she was facing me, I threw the ball and behind her was a rock and she turned left into it instead of turning right and going around it....*sigh*) I, too, thought she hit her chin, cheek, etc, and checked her over and didn't see anything wrong and after only a second of being slightly dazed, she was squirming to go after the ball so I let her go and forgot about it since she seemed 110% ok. Crawling into bed that night...10+ hours later...she hopped up on my lap and gave me a kiss, at which point I nearly screamed when I noticed 3 (THREE!!) of her front top teeth were missing.

    Took a half-beat to remember the stupid rock from that morning. She didn't even seem phased in the slightest and other than looking absolutely ridiculous when she MadTeeth's some other dog, it doesn't slow her down a bit. (I'd love to get her MadTeeth expression on cue like you do with Bella)

  6. Hi! Love the blog! I tried to find your contact info, but didn't see any, so I'm (unfortunately) leaving this as a public comment. I run a site about things to do with your dog to show it your care called the I Love My Dog Society ( I'd love to partner with you to promote your blog and get some of your great recommendations on our site! What do you think? Feel free to email anytime. I'm at :)

  7. I know, aren't dogs so resilient. It's amazing what they go through and never blink an eye.

    Gotta love it

  8. I'm impressed with your dedication to getting the photo! Our Toni knocked a tooth out on our foster's (now family member's) head. If I hadn't seen it go flying across the room I wouldn't have noticed, either, since there wasn't a peep or a yelp out of her.

  9. Love those close-up shots. Great photos.

  10. Ah, lovely! :) Bella looks sweet!

    We are considering trying agility when the snow leaves for the year. Finally old enough!

  11. Whoa! I wouldn't want to make that Puppy angry!