Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If They Only Knew

You ever have one of those conversations with someone wherein they say something with the assumption that you agree with them and you totally don’t? You have that awkward not-sure-how-to-handle-this pause?

Do you bring up the fact that you don’t agree and risk pissiness and/or judgment or do you just let it slide? Perhaps imposing the standard neutral gesture of lips pressed together, one eyebrow raised slightly coupled with a slow nod?

Outside of the dog world, it’s usually political or socioeconomic commentary. In the dog world, for me anyway, it’s always about 2 things: feeding raw and chiropractors.

The raw feeding one is probably not so much about feeding raw as it is about how not feeding raw is cruel and unusual punishment.

Now, I am not putting all raw feeders in one lump. I know lots of you and you are very nice and sane people. You have to know, however, that the fundamentalists in your ranks are a smidge kooky. The Kibble Is Death In A Bag folks are a bit out there. These are the people that make me nod in agreement when agreement is about as far from reality as it could possibly be. Trying to have a conversation about it with these folks ends up being as productive as trying to get Fred Phelps to carry a rainbow flag.


There, I said it. Judge me.


Now, what I would say if I didn’t fear for my reputation and well-being is that if it makes you feel good and you can afford it and your dogs do well, feed whatever that hell you want. I just don’t think it matters all that much. Now, I wouldn’t go feeding my dogs Ol’ Roy or some shit like that. They do get good kibs, but it’s kibs none-the-less. My personal feelings are that dogs are not strict carnivores. They are scavengers.

Eating poop makes me happy!
I do not believe that some lonely cave-lady stole some wolf pups and *poof* we have dogs. Dogs come from lazy wolves. The first dogs came from the slacker wolves that figured out it’s much easier to just eat our garbage than chase some fucking elk around the plains for hours. I think that’s why we get along with dogs so well. We are essentially lazy-asses ourselves. Our brains got so big because we spent so much time inventing things so we wouldn’t have to work so hard.

Wheels, guns, remote controls.

If I just look cute, people hand me bull bits to eat. No running required!
Dogs developed on left-overs. I can promise you that what is in my bag of kibble is better for them that what is in my garbage can. It’s a step up!

The chiro thing is another funny one for me. I always seem to end up in conversations with people who are hard-core adjusters. Those people that believe that anyone who does anything with a dog should take them to get adjusted as a normal course of doggy maintenance. More nodding.


There, I said it. Judge me. Again.

Even thought I don’t do it, it makes sense to me if you have a dog with messed up structure or an injury or some chronic something or other. If taking a dog like that helps them, aids in pain management or whatever, knock your socks off. I do not, however, understand the regular visits for a young, perfectly healthy dog.

I self-adjust

I mean, if my car needed a realignment every 4 months I would start to look for the actual problem, not just continue to band-aid it. Yes? I don’t get it that people put all this time, effort, research, and money into buying a puppy from “great” sport parents with “outstanding structure” and a “topline to die for” and the dogs are always out somewhere.


At what point does one start to look at other things like fitness level or injury or training or something? If you have a normally structured dog who is always throwing something out why just put it back? Look for a solution, maybe?

She prefers her hips under her chin
Bella cracks her own neck
Again, if you want to do that as a maintenance thing for your dog, great.

Your time, your money.

But, enough already with the attitude toward us non-adjusters, though.
Or, perhaps, get a feel for your audience before your sermon?

Yes, she hate us
Please take me home with you?


  1. Such sanity! Such a rush of fresh air! As the wife of a veterinarian (and probably even if I wasn't married to a vet) I agree wholeheartedly on both counts. Dogs are OMNIVORES, people! Compare their teeth to cats, which are true omnivores (although our barn cat likes horse/sheep grain and chicken feed; go figure). I go to a chiropractor every few years when something doesn't work itself out on its own, and only go to one who DOESN'T claim he can cure ANYthing!

  2. I pretty much have to agree with most of what you said. I just started raw feeding with my dogs, because they are doing well on it, its cheaper than good kibble for me (lots of hunters and home meat raisers to give me meat for free). IMO dogs are carnivores, but can do very well on a variety of diets, and if it works for your dog, that is what you should feed.

    As for chiropractors, I have taken both of my dogs to be adjusted, one of them twice, the other once. One dog was having trouble opening her jaw far enough to catch a tennis ball before the adjustment, now has no trouble. The other one is a strong competitive dog who I have had adjusted twice for sidewinding while jumping, and am currently working on changing his jumping style to prevent it.

    So, sure, raw feeding and chiropractors can be great for your dogs. If someone's dog is having issues I notice at an event, I will suggest a chiropractor, but no big if they choose not to. Same with raw feeding: solves a lot of food related issues with a lot of dogs, so I suggest it (did before I fed it too). But never force it on people.

  3. Amen.

    I've fed raw. I've fed kibble. Right now 2 are on raw and 1 is on kibble. It's what works for them and for our life at this stage.

    Only 1 dog has seen a chiro and that was because he injured himself at agility class. After he saw the vet and a soft tissue injury was diagnosed and anti-inflammatory prescribed, he saw a chiro several times to help loosen up the tightened area. Same thing I'd do for myself as a triathlete (bonus was my dog chiro was also an Ironman triathlete so she totally understood the kind of performance sports rehab I wanted done). But that's it! The boyz are healthy active dogs and able to maintain that without endless tweaking!

    I don't care if other people do one or both or none, but you are right it's amazing how militant people get about it. *sigh*

  4. Yea! I am probably getting a puppy in the next few months. I (nor my hubby) has owned a dog since we were children. I follow lots of dog blogs and am aware of how raising a dog has evolved from when I was a kid (thank goodness!). Your post has allowed me to relax a bit on the "what to feed the dog" question. Thanks so much!

  5. We have the exact same ball! And love it.
    I sometimes embark on a guilt trip about not feeding my dogs raw. But I'm a lazy person and don't even cook for myself, so there's not much chance of my dogs getting home prepaired meals in the near future.
    I actually wish there was some sort of human kibble... would make things so much easier for me...

  6. I have to come out of lurker mode to applaud!!! I am so tired of people posting on our rescue forum sensationalist links about kibble. My dogs hated raw. They do just fine on kibble. It's a good kibble and I feel good about feeding it.
    As for chiropractors, my dogs have never been to one, though I have used a canine acupuncturist on occasion and was pleased with the result. And I do go to a chiropractor myself - but both he and I know what needs adjusting and when to leave well enough alone.

  7. I love your post as well. I get sick of being made to feel guilty if I don't take my dog to the chiropractor, holistic vet, swimming twice a week at a pool, underwater treadmill you name it. I try to keep my dogs fit and active. Warm up and cool down before every run etc...
    I feed one dog raw, one dog grain free kibble and horror of horrors my 14 year old BC KD kidney diet kibble. She has been on it for 5-6 years since first being diagnosed as bad kidneys and is doing great on it. So there you go. I feel better now :-)

  8. I feed raw because it's cheaper than kibble for me and because I absolutely *hate* kibble poop. ;-) Plus, my dogs have shiny clean teeth and are just generally thriving on it.

    None of my current crew have been to a chiropractor but my previous old man did go a couple of times and he really seemed to enjoy it. If I could afford it, I'd probably take my guys on a regular basis but unless they have a problem that might be helped by such a visit we will not be visiting any time soon.

  9. Good post, funny and true
    Benny & Lily

  10. "Dogs come from lazy wolves." I love this statement, I'm going to adopt it for future arguments.

    I totally agree with you, I tend to feed a combination of foods, mainly because I'm a slacker. My dog seems to do fine, if something doesn't agree with her we just do not feed it again.

  11. Another lurker venturing out to applaud this post. My boyfriend's parents feed their dog raw because they read some scare-mongering book about all the chemicals and evil additives in kibble... but my dogs that have eaten kibble all their lives are healthy and happy. If you go for a good brand, where the company has probably spent thousands of pounds investing in veterinary and nutritional research so their food is better than everyone else's, what's to worry about?

  12. Loved this post..I run a recreational sled dog team and in the winter I feed raw mixed with high performance kibble but in the summer it's just kibble. They do great on either and most of the time I let them work out their own issues but would seek a chiroprator if I thought it would help. What gets me is all the people out there who think I am cruel for "making" my dogs pull my sled. I invite anyone to come and try to stop them from going...I am sure it would be as easy as stopping yours from chasing that tennis ball. But I am sure that dog that is locked in the house all day laying on the couch has a mcuh better life than my dogs.

  13. I loved that "dogs come from lazy wolves" paragraph - so true. And your photo-commentary, as always.

  14. my dogs eat kibble. some really effing expensive kibble.

  15. I'll have to agree with you. There are just a few things out there, that I'll nod my head to and walk away wondering why I just agreed with something so extreme and against what I believe. Some dog lovers are ferocious in their love and I suppose we just don't want to deal with the consequences of trying to rationalize with someone who is irrational.

  16. Absolutely! One dog on kibble, one dog on raw - just because that's what works for them. I don't understand why people get sooo militant about it. Love this post. "Dogs come from lazy wolves"!

  17. It's not the kibble itself,its feeding the same foods every meal.If you want create food allergies this is the best method.