Monday, November 15, 2010

How They Love The Plastic Bag

Went down to Aptos yesterday to do a little Lure coursing. Our new favorite thing. Well, maybe Bella’s new favorite thing. My good little brown one that does no wrong becomes a complete crack head when she hears the lure machine. She becomes Primitive Bella. Wild Beast. Huntress of the recycled grocery bag.

See, I don’t let me dogs chase stuff as a general rule. No crittering. No harassing wildlife. I think it’s dangerous to encourage a dog to, for example, chase squirrels. As most of you know, generally their ears stop working when they get that heavily into prey mode. Then you end up with dogs that get into trouble, say, with a moving vehicle, because they decide that going after a small fuzzy thing is way more important than listening to you bellow COME!

I think Bella’s years of “don’t even think about it” are catching up. She’s like the kid that was raised to be all responsible and a good citizen and for god’s sake eat your vegetables who goes all ape shit when they get to college and spends four year getting drunk and eating nothing but Snickers bars and pizza.

She really thinks this is the best thing evah!

She could seriously do this all day

Kate thinks it’s pretty much Da Bomb, too, but more in a chasing Bella kinda way. Kate is much faster than Belly. If Kate is behind, she’s on Bell, not the lure

It takes her a few go-arounds to figure out what they are doing. The first couple of runs are spent yelling in Bella’s ear.

What are we running for?!?!!!

Seriously, where are we going???!!!

She does eventually realize that there is a purpose

She at least shuts up then

She’s still giving Bella a break, though. Trying to not one-up her big sis. She could totally get around the track in half the time it takes Bella

Maybe Kate just sees it as more of a family activity than her self centered sis?


  1. Lure coursing looks like so much damn fun! Great pics!

  2. Pretty sure there is some kind of law that says the older a dog gets, the more they decide that the rules don't actually apply to them. Seems to be something my old ladies are adhering to anyway!

    Looks like so much fun, go Bella!

  3. That looks like such a blast! Even more cracker-y than flyball.

  4. Looks like fun to me, I want to try it, it's got to be better than chasing squirells

  5. Does look like fun to me too!

  6. Looks like so much fun - I wish there was somewhere we could do that!

  7. We probably missed each other, we were there really early and left as it became crowded.

    Next time we'll hang out and say hello.

  8. You guys always look like you are having tons of fun
    Benny & Lily

  9. Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for giving the world such a unique view of your PUPPY.

  10. i'm loving does the bag get pulled? fishing rod?