Friday, October 8, 2010

This >< Close To Plucking

Bella and her ever increasing crop of gray hairs.

I keep telling her to knock it off. She keeps blatantly disregarding my wishes. OK, I know no one is getting any younger. I know it’s not like she 15 or something. I’m just not ready for the visual reminder.

This is not her color. Not part of her ticking. She has old man tufts now! WTF?!
Plus, she has this one new one right on her eyelash line that’s driving me crazy.

Remember the Mole in Austin Powers?


“Nice to mole you--meet you! Nice to meet your mole! Don't say mole!... I said mole.”

That’s exactly how I am with this one damn hair. See it? Her little gray eyelash?

I totally would have plucked it by now if I had normal tweezers. I only have the super pointy actually used in electronics manufacturing (ahem) tweezers. One wrong move and I have to explain to my vet that Bella’s eye is deflated because I was bother by a hair. Maybe not.

Kate thinks Bella is going gray because I can’t just leave her the eff alone

She may have a point.

“Dear Lord, make the crazy lady put the camera down, stop taking about hair and go the hell to sleep”

“’Cause that’s what I’m doing”

“Here I go”

“And……night night”

Fine. Sleep then. Bitches.

^^^ You can tell “winter” is coming. The I’m Chilly Nose Tuck is back!


  1. The crazy lady is just jealous cause she has more grey hairs than you. Wonder if our crazy ladies are related
    Benny & Lily

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