Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bella's Cheering Section

Now, I am not normally a put vids or photos of one's self on the interwebs person, but this one cracks me up. This is Bella's Jumpers run from last Saturday. Jumpers not not funny. Kate, of course, has to be the show stealer. You can see the row of shades on the opposite side of the ring. Kate is in the last one to the left.

Turn your sound up. Listen for the chorus of "iiiiieeeeeeeeoooo" that begins at about 13 seconds.

HAHA. Every damn vid from this weekend soundtracked with screaming.

What can I say? She likes to SING!


  1. Hahahaha! Kate has a future as the first canine opera singer.

  2. LOL. She's probably screaming handling tips. Faster! To the Right. Right, RIGHT, RIGHT!

    You guys looked good!

  3. I need to record a video like this to show to my agility classes. See? THIS is what you call distance and discrimination. See how she can walk five feet out and still direct her dog?
    Nice run!