Monday, September 28, 2009

Can You Help? Just A Smidge?

Last week we got to put a tiny check in the Win column. An infamous Border Collie puppy mill in TN was finally busted. I'm not going to re-hash Swaffords' history here. If you're a Border Collie person, you already know it. If you're not a Border Collie person, you probably don't want to know it. But, if you wish, there's always your friend Google!

Stories about the bust...
Border Collies Living in Muck
Puppy Mill Bust

I am posting this to beg, though. Times are tough for everyone right now. Times get even tougher for rescues that end up cleaning up these people's messes. I know of a few other dogs who came from here previously and, although I do not have first hand knowledge of these particular dogs, I can tell you they won't be healthy, happy, ready-to-place dogs.

There were over 100 dogs pulled from this property. Some surrendered, some confiscated. The confiscated dogs will be in legal limbo for a while, I guess. The surrendered ones are already on their way to various rescues.

If you can spare anything, please pick a rescue, any rescue. Send some cash, send some towels, if you are near any of these people, offer to help.

The rescues that are getting dogs:

Starfish Border Collie Rescue

Glen Highland Farm, Sweet Border Collie Rescue

New England Border Collie Rescue

Mid Atlantic Border Collie Rescue

Friends of Pep Border Collie Rescue

East TN Border Collie Rescue

West TN Border Collie Rescue

Hulls Haven Border Collie Rescue

I am probably missing a rescue or two. If you know where these pups are going, let me know!

Look at these poor beasties! :-(


  1. Thank you for your post! I volunteer with NEBCR, who took 7 of these guys in today. They are covered with matted feces, and crawling with lice, and the stench in unbelievable. :( You can see photos here:
    We anticipate taking some more in after they are released (held for evidence). Fingers crossed they will be released!

  2. Hulls Haven BCR is getting two dogs as well

  3. that's sick. i looked up the "breeders" website. how awful. glad that they are being rescued.

  4. that is awful, thanks for posting this, i hope all works out well for all of them ... i hope the people are punished hard for this.

  5. Buckeye Border Collie Rescue is also taking in 3 dogs, they should have arrived in rescue today.

    I put in my foster volunteer application to BBCR today.

  6. Found out today that the remaining 40+ BCs were surrendered by Swafford. He's supposedly keeping 4 females - that will be spayed. This second group of 40+ dogs are being sent to many of the rescues that got dogs the first time around. Glen Highland Farm is getting 9 more dogs. All these rescues need more support than ever!

  7. This is a very nice post. Thank you for sharing every thing. Specially the photos.

  8. So glad these beautiful dogs are being rescued.

  9. I adopted one of these dogs last November. Best decision ever! He is a wonderful dog and I can't imagine by life without him! If anyone reads this please consider adopting from any of the border collie rescues listed here.