Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Oh, Crappy Day!

So, my birthday was last week. My last year of being 30-something! I had the day off. Not because I work for an employee lovin’ company, but because the economy sucks and we are on shortened workweeks. I thought we would enjoy a nice hike at one of our favorite places to do stuff like that.

First, it was 77° when I turned off the highway. In the park, it must have been pushing 350°. Seriously.

Even Kate was not that happy. And she’s always happy about some unknown thing.

Why don’t you love me?

The picture taking sucked because all they did was go from shade spot to shade spot.

I also realized that I am more of a city girl than I care to admit. I love this park on the weekends when it’s busy. When there are other smatterings of humanity. Weekday = deserted. Deserted = hella creepy. Me + 2 spineless dogs + lots of wild animal warning posters does not equal nice, relaxing hike.

These are not scenic pics

These are me scanning the heights for Things That Could Kill Us

Hmm, no Mountain Lion/Coyote/Bobcats….OK, run to next hill…

And, damnit Kate, stop running ahead and standing next to bushes!

The little babbling brook does not do much babbling in the summer.

Damn, I could use some water.

Bella, you’re standing in it.

Holy crap, really? This is it?!

Yup, that’s water

This sucks, can we go home now?


  1. *giggle*

    My friend Cyndi, with her whippet Sophia and I with my cattledog Meg went for a walk on sunday to one of the many gamelands that surround our homes. The paths were mowed nicely, but the woods on either side were old woods that had a tall canopy which created dense shade in the woods. It was surreal....like something out of The Hobbit, I kept waiting for Treebeard to Ho-Hum at me!

    Wild animals? Not so much though....being a country girl I was not worried about them much.Especially with two dogs with us!

  2. My sister's dog, Chloe, a Siberian husky, just loves to walk in the woods. But I don't indulge her. It's too easy to get hurt or worse, lose a dog. As you can see, I'm not a country girl either.

  3. We don't have many wild animals over here, unless you count Dare when I nick his lunch ;-)

    Wizz :-)

  4. Hi New friend
    You have a cool blog. We like your pictures.
    Benny & Lily

  5. Well, I guess you could look at it this way - things can only go uphill from there, which is better than the other way around I think!

  6. Completely unrelated to this post...but blogger hates me and wouldn't let me comment on my own blog, so I'm trying this on yours.

    Pia - you are super awesome and very generous!! Your donation pushed us over the top for buying our last clue! THANK YOU so much!!

    Believe me, I also don't like to run for fun...I HATE running. But I do like to beat people and I like to compete, so I put up with the running part and I hope there are a lot of eating challenges to help balance the day!

    You are a super star! When we win, I'll be sure to mention you in our acceptance speech. ;)


  7. Laughed out loud at this posting! We feel the same way about getting creeped out. Too many scary movies run through the head.

    stay cool,
    xo lowdogs