Monday, March 24, 2008

Our First Trial...Woot!

So, Bella and I had our first trial this weekend. The CPE trial in Sunnyvale put on the good folks at The Bay Team. It was a great weekend. Better than perfect weather, fun and helpful folks, and a very well organized trial.
We were this ---><--- close to a perfect weekend! Of course it had to be the last class of the day that did us in. We had a little BC tunnel suck issue that did in our Snooker run. Booooo!!! Still, I am thrilled with 9 out of 10 Q's. Bella was an absolute champ all weekend.

And since I was running, there wasn't much camera carrying going on. Here, though, are a few shots of OPP. Yes, Other People's Puppies!
My instructors' dog, Myka, in a Snooker run
Our classmate and shade-sharer, Rumili, wondering where the h-e-double toothpicks his dad is going (And Rumili, BTW, had an absolutly stunning Snooker run on Saturday. If I were that kind of person I would mention that their course was a littler easier than ours. I'm not that kind of person, though. Not bitter at all...not one, not me...)

My favorite action shot of the weekend, although I have no idea who's dog this is

Bella being bored with it all. My dog is sooooo jaded...

Complete exhaustion. We both slept hard last night. Good girl, Bell, good girl

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