Monday, January 26, 2015


We has it. 

I guess that’s just how things go. Since we have no more training and trialing and weekend traveling we have just gotten comfy with the daily doings. I am enjoying it. We have been doing a lot of this. 


The girls seem to be pretty happy just being out and about. There is not quite as much need to be DOING. Watching is now OK. 


If watching involves the car being surrounded by pigeons and seagulls….even better! 


We did nose work a few years back. I stopped taking classes for 2 reasons: 1) no one had classes on a weeknight and I was trialing a lot then and 2) that organization is a little off-putting to me. Very controlling and secretive and there was no way in hell I was signing that ridiculous release that they had to trial. Maybe that’s changed, dunno, but anywho, they started offering classes at the place my house mate teaches agility. It is something the dogs really enjoy, but a class? Nah. I think I am just done with the formal anything with these guys. We are all content to just hang and explore and play ball. 

I guess we are in the coasting stage? 


They have taken up a new hobby. 

They are now bringing home art projects from school. 

I am now "that person."

Although, I'm sure it was more voluntary with Kate. Getting your feet dirty is way more up her alley than Bell's. Plus, she would totally rock a beret.


At least I didn't put them on the fridge.


  1. I would have put them on the fridge; they're beautiful! ;-)

  2. I would have hung them up in my work cube...just because I'm "that" person!