Monday, March 23, 2009

Our Rainy Weekend

Turned out to be not so rainy after all. Yay! Our trial was indoors, but still, exercising dogs in the rain, tiring out Sidekick Dog in the rain, in and out of hotel rooms in the rain, mud, mud everywhere...not so much fun.

The trial was great...*cough*100% Q rate*cough*...our buddies Dave and Rumili were with us this weekend. Always fun to have someone to share "What was that!?" critiques after runs.

Bella, however, not so much with the sharing. Rumili joined us briefly for some Frisbee.

The wind caused some initial confusion...haha

Once he was on a roll, though, forget itPoor Bella is not used to playing with a dog that's (how do you say "retarded" without saying "retarded"....???...oh, wait, I know...) Kate

Why is there a fluffy black butt between me and my Friz?
Hey, I think that's mine
Dude, seriously, Mine!
She said "Mine!!"
Speaking of Kate...

Different town, different grass, different toy, same result

OK, OK, she did have some good catches.

But she lacks the style and traffic directing talents of her sister


Have you ever had one of those moments of complete panic with your dog? One of those seconds in time when you swear you will be picking up your dog and running to the e-vet in hopes that they can be put back together? Heart stopping, something in your throat moments?

Me too, and in pictures to boot - scroll ready fast for full affect

The thing that made it worse than just watching my dog go ass over tea kettle, was that she took so long to start walking towards me once she got up. I was standing there just thinking....walk, walk, please walk. She has this thing about Frisbees. She can't just pick it up like a normal dog. Oh no. She has to carry it like it's a frickin' taco. Which takes some time to maneuver. Which makes me crazy when you look like you just broke in two.

Friday, March 20, 2009


I love it when I have someone else to throw for me. It can also a bit scary. :-) If you have been reading this blog for more than five minutes, you know that Kate is not well known for forethought.

Objects in lens are closer (and faster) than they appear

Much, much faster

Although, a simple, "hey, watch out!" seemed to work

Alright, already, I see you. Sheesh.

I don't need to worry so much about Bell. She is always aware of her surroundings, even at the height of the Weeeeeeee Stage.

And mid-ImGunnaGetYou

And my favorite Right At You shots...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Always A Bridesmaid

Poor Kate

Even when there's no bride! Sheesh! No help for that one. No help at all. :-P

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Annual Delivery

Actual conversation at work with co-worker:

CW: You got a package
Me: Oh, yay! Peeeneeees!
CW: Something for the girls?
Me: *Pointing at box and donning serious face* This is a box of 150 bull penis's.
CW: Well, what is it? Some kind of treat?
Me: It's penis's.
CW: Some kind of meat?
Me: I guess a penis would be considered meat. Are you not hearing me?
CW: I thought you were kidding.
Me: Why would I kid about penis's? You want to hold one?
CW: No.

I then proceeded to walk through the shop and offices with a handful of bully sticks to deliver to Uncle Charles for Busters enjoyment and dental health. And, you know what? No one said anything. My co-workers are apparently so used to seeing me walk around with various parts of various livestock that it's no more interesting than carrying my coffee cup around. No longer do I get to say, "This is a cow tail [or ostrich leg or chicken foot or etc.]" That's no fun. How on earth can I up that ante?

OMG! It's like Christmas in July, only in March!
Bella's answer to all things stressful...stretch!

This. Want. Now.


Kate likes to savor

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Are They Friendly?

I *hate* this question!

What does that mean, anyway? So open ended, so open to interpretation. It seems to mean, to a lot of folks, that a dog will put up with endless rude and potentially dangerous behaviour from their obnoxious and untrained dog without reacting at all.

Should your dog ignore, grumble, lip curl, air snap, etc., they are the "mean" ones.


"Are your dogs OK with kids?"
Great question. Thanks for thinking of your childs' safety.

"Are you dogs OK with little dogs?"
Great question. Thanks for thinking of your dogs' safety.

"Are your dogs OK with puppies?"
Great question. Thanks for thinking of my dogs' blood pressure.

"Are your dogs friendly?"
What do you mean "friendly?" Are they aggressive? Nope. Are they trained? Yup. Will they play with your dog? Nope. Will they let your dog know that they don't want to be humped, chest bumped, shoulder checked, barked at from 3 inches from ear and/or grabbed? Yup, on all accounts.

Does that make them unfriendly? I think what I should do next time is stand next to obnoxious dogs owner and say...


...three inches from their ear and see how long it takes for them to walk away from me...or, you know, punch me in the face.

I'm so sorry for letting this loose on the general public
Look at them...evil bitches

Out for blood

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Look What We Got!

Sun! Blue sky! Yay!
Perfect, perfect, perfect trial weather. Damn good thing we bothered to go to one. Well, half of one at any rate. We trialed on Sunday. Belly-boo did great. Half a perfect weekend. Perfect Sunday. It was her first time running as a vet. 16" makes a much happier pup. Did have cam. Didn't shoot much. Really just felt like enjoying sun.

Kate concerned that other dogs are having fun. Wonders why she can't have fun.
Because Kate, dogs-able-to-have-agility-fun don't do this

Can't see? Here...

She is not mid-lick. She just sits there with her tongue hanging out. That's not normal, yeah? I won't repeat what I call her when she does this. Wouldn't want to offend.

So, took Monday off work to recover from trial and daylight savings (not getting any younger)

Normal park day with normal Kateness

I did, however, take the sunny opportunity to actually bathe the dogs. They don't see shampoo very often at all. On the rare occasion that they have to get in the tub, I usually do Kate first. I decided to let Bella be number one yesterday and it ended in a very strange discussion after. I would go so far as to say Bella was pissed! Look at Kate's body language.

Does Bella think Kate got the dirt on her?

Kate's not sure what the hell she did, but she's sorry about it. shake and it's over. Bitches are weird!

Hey, why'd you make me look like a bear?

Monday, March 2, 2009

Border Collies Need A Job, Right?

And what better way for them to spend their Sunday than helping Mom with software upgrades? Lucky for them, I am not the only dog-owning employee with nothing better to do on a Sunday. We were joined by Uncle Charles and Buster.

Bella LOVES being at work.

OMG! Loading a furnace!!
OMG! Water cooler talk!
Woooo! Makin' cop-pies
Kate's more of a desk girl.Schenanigans whilst on the clock make her uncomfortable. Former hall monitor, perhaps?
And apparently, clean room is to office as bathroom is to home. It is as worrisome for a human to enter dog-less in there as is a dog-free potty break at home. I'm not sure what they think is happening, but they don't think it's good.
Can't you just hear Bella's deep panic sniffs with her nose smashed against the door crack?
Work is all fun and games until the fun and games start. No more smiley face. No, no, ball is business.
Buster works on his Border Collie impression
And, oddly enough, his Buster impression

Kate works on...well...something... no one is sure

So, this is what I looked at for 6 hours as I kicked the ball around the office while doing client upgrades.

I actually wore out my dogs! By 3 they were so over it they went and crashed in my office. Haha. Wimps!