Saturday, November 29, 2008

Live and (sort of) In Person

I decided to video some of Bella's weaves at the park today. Been a while since I have nit picked her footwork. Not much to nit pick, really. I wish she was like this at trials, the little turd! :-)

I totally forgot how fun my little point and shoot was. Not to mention, it's more like carrying a pea shooter instead of a bazooka. So, since you normally see Kate's weirdness in still form, I give you....

Bella's Magnetic Ass...You Couldn't Leave It If You Tried

Eye On The Ball, Short Bus!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Nice To Have Some Daylight

Is it not time to end the damn daylight savings time? Does anyone think it fare that I can only get decent shots on weekends now? Should my dogs be forced to chase balls in dark? I think not.

This is what our weekday actions shots look like now...

Oh sure, we can use the dreaded Auto for some head shots, but what fun is that?

So, yesterday, when most people were gorging themselves on turkey, stuffing and pies, we were taking advantage of the much-missed sun.

Kate was trying to work on her style

Although, we all know Kate's reality is more along these lines...
This is an actual Kate sequence. Prepare to giggle, or, if you are me, roll your eyes

"OK, I got it...I got it!"

"Haha! Success!""Crap! Forgot to close my mouth!"
Bella has been trying to be a good coach.
eye on the ballEye On The BallEYE ON THE BALL
then close your mouth

Monday, November 24, 2008

Still November, Still Panting

How about a little OPP Monday?

Spent some time shooting shooting our instructors dogs after our chase and bark lesson yesterday. I can't believe how nice it is outside!



I think she'd fit nicely on my couch, don't you?And, look, a half pint!!Trying to be all serious...hahaFuzzy pants!The dogs could care less about the camera wielding figure sitting in the middle of the action. There were, however, some curious participants.Where were Bella and Kate, you ask?
OK, OK, they are...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Is It Really November?

We are still swimming! You know, as much as I complain about California, you can't really beat 80° at this time of year. Well, I suppose I could if I were still in AZ, but still. Most people are starting to post their "first snow" pics and here we are still hanging at the swimming hole.

There seems to be a little more competition in the water. I suppose it's because you either get there first or you don't. There really isn't any missing or over-running of the ball in the water. Very important that you just get there first. And if you don't, then pout.

Kate will actually just sit and look pathetic if Bella gets a better lead out. There is also a lot more 'remember I'm here' nudging. Man, bitches can be bossy, yeah? They are soooo passive aggressive. :-)But you can't beat Kate for cute, right? This is my new fav pic of her. If you don't look at this pic and go, "Haha, Awww" there is something seriously wrong with you.
After the swimming trip we stopped at the DP to do some drying off. Bella starts to look like a woolly mammoth.
Look at that fuzz butt!She also gets the exact same look on her face that I get when I hear the gate at the park open. Haha!She a harder time when it's not floating.
Don't move!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

She's Becoming Her Own Dog

The normal lineup has always been this...

Kate is always behind and to Bella's left. Why? Well, it's because Kate takes most of her life cues from Bella's heiny. Everything she needs to know can be gleamed off of Bella's butt.

She has, however, started to take baby steps out of her comfort zone.

She is finally figuring out that it's not only OK, but preferable to stare at things other than a brown bum.

Bella's heiny is taking full advantage of its new found freedom.

Now don't get me wrong. Kate is still Kate.

Just a more independent version of her cute self

And, we are all hating this dark before dinner time of year.

"Just keep staring at the ball. Pretend you didn't hear that lets go home business."

"I didn't hear a thing"

"What do you mean bad lighting"

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

An Actually Nice DP Trip

I hate the dog park. To me, the DP is the canine version of the DMV. No one wants to be there, but you have no choice. The people (or dogs) are poorly organized and rude and not exactly a group who you'd pick to spend an afternoon with.

Last night, however, was an exception. Great little crowd. We usually hang out on the small dog side since it's usually empty and Kate is less likely to be maimed over there. The group that showed up was so polite and with well matched play styles, a treat to watch.

Kate, you got a little lint or something on your....Oh, my bad. Hi Shadow! This little Cav showed up. She was a pip! So fun!She even convinced the wall flower Shadow to go for a spinThe she moved on to bigger things. Look at her back legs. HAHA.We had to wait for the crowd to clear before we could get some real running in. Of course, I was losing my light by then. I only had little slivers of sun still coming through.

This is the How To Be Rude Because You Didn't Get The Ball sequence
by Bella
You didn't see that, did you?