Thursday, December 15, 2011

A No Dog Post. Well, Maybe One Dog

Last weekend I actually left the house to do something with without the dogs.

I know!

And it wasn’t even grocery shopping or something boring like that.

Hiking without dogs is weird. Kind of nice, also. I wanted to shoot some birds and try out the trails at the park that don’t allow dogs.

I still had poop bags in my pocket, though. You never know, right? Maybe come across random abandoned poop? Even though park rangers don’t give out raffle tickets for turning in random poops like the agility folks do, still, good dog-owning citizen even without dogs.

Birds do less flying away without dogs in tow

Western Scrub-Jay

They don’t even un-nap

Northern Shoveler

Just pose, like they were waiting for your pokey ass to get up the hill and photograph them

Common Yellowthroat

Christmas card-y posing

Yellow-rumped Warbler

This is a horrible pic of a Coot, but their feet just kill me! Ginormous! And, green! Way too big for a bird that is duck-sized but not a actually a duck. Please do yourself a favor and do NOT refer to a coot as a duck around bird folks. Don’t go there. Won’t be pleasant. Right up there with farting in church.

American Coot

And, in case you were wondering… “V”’s are so last year. “I” is in. All the cool kids are doing it.

Canada Goose

And now the dog portion of the post. A color genetics question…

This dog:

Is up for adoption. Cute yes? His name is Rex and you can see him at the Nor Cal BC Rescue site >HERE<.

How do you get a red dog with black nose leather? Does that happen in other breeds? Kinda weird, no?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Does She Get Tired Of Her Shadow?

Sorry - crappy webcam captures from daycare.

The collies - always in formation

I wonder if Bella ever gets tired of Kate on her ass?

 Like a big sister-little sister thing?  Like...OMG, would you just go away?  Maybe it's a game for Kate?  Playing fighter pilots?  Geese?  Bowling pins?

Apparently, 2 o'clock is I've Had Enough time for Bella.  Needs her nap.  A little Me Time.

Everyone else going to the other room?  Nah, I'll stay here.  I'm good, thanks.

That is, until sweatered Basset decides to sit RIGHT THERE to clean her hoo ha

Funny thing is, I know exactly what Bella's face looked like at that moment.  It was a mixture of shock and disgust.  Subtle, but there.
I'd put money on it.  :)

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Lovely Weekend

I can’t believe the weather we are having. No rain yet. Still sunny and 60-ish.


  I’ll take it.
Went strolling at the Palo Alto Baylands on Saturday. I love that place. There are so many places like that here. Those sort of spots that make you feel like you are not smack in the middle of urban sprawl. You can have some peace and some outdoorsy and little wildlife…and still…never more than 5 minutes from Starbucks. :)

Most of the birds were busy, busy, busy

Bella was completely fascinated by the noise they were making. Surprisingly loud. All that mud slurping and pat pat pat of duck feets in the mud. DSC_0684

The dogs don’t care much for birding
Too much stopping. Too much...”would you just stand still and stop jerking on my arm?!”

There is some entertainment for them, too, though.

The source of much of the pulling.

Their camo is quite impressive. The dogs wouldn’t even know they were there is it wasn’t for the constant alarm calls. They should probably re-think all that screaming. DSC_0724

Kate’s opinion on birding is pretty clear.

We had some dog time, too. Working on Brace Agility DSC_0870

Of course we would practice skills for something that doesn’t exist DSC_0873

We did do a little of the norm, too. Bella prefers 3o1o. Always a titch defiant, that one. DSC_0852a

Kate? Not so big on being a Bad Dog

Would much rather this..

Or this, though…

Although, she kinda sucks at that, too. DSC_0819