Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Life is hard

Still not adjusted to the time change.



Monday, March 23, 2015


Bella’s favorite pastime

  Armchair sheepdog 

Watching sheepdogs do their thing. 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

I think that’s her only regret in life. That she was, at least, not owned by someone who let her watch sheep for a living. 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

Not work herself, mind you, just stand around and let everyone else know what they are doing wrong. 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

And look at this guy. So damn handsome! 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

Striking dog. 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

Yes, I know, it’s not what matters. Don’t breed for looks and color. Got it. 

A girl can have preference, though, right? 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT 

Something is wrong with you if you don’t love a red dog. 

Sonoma Wine Country SDT :) 

I made a huge mistake on our way home yesterday afternoon. I decided to hit the Marin Headlands while I was up there. I rarely go north. Since I stopped trialing, I pretty much never go that way. I have also never been there on a weekend day. Holy cow. Now, I have lived plenty of places where you have, at least, a tourist season. I try to be understanding. People drive or walk slower because they are not familiar, they are looking for something or just gawking. Out of towners are not going to understand that even though there is a stop there no one actually does. Just relax. No need to honk. I also enjoy going places different and I don’t want people treating me poorly just because I don’t live there. That being said, I couldn’t believe the driving behavior I saw. This is a winding road often paralleling a cliff. People passing on turns, parking behind people and blocking them in, there were even a few who actually just stopped in the middle of the lane turned theirs cars off and just got out. Left their car parked on the street on a curvy, crazy-busy road just to get a picture. It’s a bridge, people, just a big red bridge! The post card in your hotel lobby probably has a much better photo of it than you will get with your phone anyway!