Thursday, December 25, 2014

Bella wishes you a Merry Christmas


Kate, however, only got a Tale of Woe in her stocking and refuses to wish anyone a merry anything until these stupid holidays stop requiring things be stuck on her head.


Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Her whites are whiter

We will be headed down to SoCal for little adventure on Friday. Since it is always nice to travel with clean dogs and it had been who-knows-when since they were last bathed, we had a groomer come out. This is someone my house mate has used before and her dogs were due, too, so four in a row. 

Kate was her normal, agreeable self. Even if she is not a fan of something, her protests consist of just standing there quietly and calling you names in her head. 


Bella did way better than I thought she would. My dogs, being the smooth-coated and generally self-cleaning didn’t go a groomer until about 3 years ago. I always thought it was a bit silly (and perhaps lazy) to pay someone to wash your dog. I decided to try it because I was on a trip and dogs were boarding. I had to go back to work the day after I returned and didn’t feel like dealing with post-board dog bathing. I was amazed at how different they felt. Even with my easy-peasy coated two, the difference was huge. No way you can get as much hair out at home as they do with the power wash and blow drying. Months after if they were out in the rain I could still smell the shampoo. I asked how they did and was told it must have gone OK as the front desk folks usually only hear if something hoes poorly. 

Great. Sold. 

This will be the post vacay routine now. Sure, a bit pricy, but for an occasional thing? Going for it. Then the following year. I got back from wherever I was to a clean Kate and unbathed Bella. I was told she freaked out so bad that they thought she would hurt herself so they quit. That was the end of that. 


Bella hates the vet. Passionately. Anytime someone starts doing anything remotely clinical she gets all “hell no!” If they react to the “hell no” by trying to physically force her it’s really over. Four people cannot keep her still. I am amazed at how many dog “professionals” have absolutely zero understanding of pressure. When to apply, when not to. How to read how the dog is reacting to you. Maybe more dog people need to work with large animals? Spend some time with horses? Cattle? Work some sheep with or without a dog? You learn pretty quickly that your upper body strength means nothing.

 Bella was at the vet a few months back to have an eye checked. I always tell them, “don’t clamp.” Let her go and just ask her to do whatever you need her to. The vet said she was in a complete panic (being held by several techs). They let her go to give her a break and let her settle. She said, “One tech just put her hands out and Bella put her head in them and just stayed there. Let us do what we needed to do as long as no one touched her body.” Ding, ding, ding! 

Guide, yes. Force, no.


So, I was not sure how she would do with new groomer. I was able to be with her the whole time. She was not a fan, but tolerated the bath well. Just stood there for the most part with the typical mopey bath face. Not even to pacey. 

She was really not a fan of the dryer. I think this is probably what she remembered her second time that lead to the refusal. She stayed on the table. Shaking like a leaf, but stayed there. I think she probably shook off a pound in the time it took to dry her, but no major theatrics. 

 We will try this arrangement again. She did protest in her own little way. We went for a little hike the day after. She was looking for this opportunity. 

 Little turd. 

But, nice shiny bitches ready for a little travel adventure. Fingers crossed for no snow on The Grapevine! 


Sunday, December 21, 2014

No middle ground

In September 


Kate sticking it to The Man 

Same signage and dock this morning 


No photo op today


Main marsh at Coyote Hills in September 

Main Marsh from Muskrat Trail 

And this morning


Yay! So full! And so green! 


Even the macro lawns are super green 


Water, water everywhere and lots of drops to drink 


And along with that water, mushrooms everywhere! Carpets of them. There are an amazing amount of teeny creatures on mushrooms. They are their own little worlds. 


The rain is, of course, very welcome. Bit much maybe to get 3 years’ worth in 2 weeks? Too soon to complain? We really are never satisfied, right? Always “too” something. 

Not too green for Kate. 


Better than all the brown backgrounds. 

Not that there is anything wrong with brown…