Sunday, December 28, 2008

Go Hide, Bella

Um, the grass is not quite long enough for that to work, Bell.

Closing your eyes doesn't help either.

Just 'cause you can't see me doesn't mean I can't see you.Still wide open.Ooh, shadow. Nice choice. Very spy movie of you.Now that what I'm talking about! You can't really play the hide game with Kate if there is more than one option for her because she doesn't really listen. She sort of hears you ask her to do something and looks around to see what you may have been requesting. In this case, she figured since I was asking her to do something and there was a fallen branch, I must have said...*sigh*

Well, that is the same brain that brings us these gems...Can't have it both ways, I suppose. :-)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Two Peas, One Pod

A regular passerby at the dog park stopped the other day to watch the girls. I often get compliments about how well behaved they are. The compliments are, of course, always appreciated, and hey, if people want to confuse ball obsession with great training skills, who am I to correct them? :-P

The lady commented on how they are always so close.

“Invisible tether” “So in tune” “Like they are single minded”

Hmm, I guess so.

When you are obsessed with the same thing, you tend to be pointed in the same direction.

Sometimes you leadSometimes you followAnd sometimes you follow on purpose because you know that the ball will be conveniently placed on you sisters ass.Well, maybe a little more often then "sometimes"

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The 6th Picture Thingy

We have been tagged by Rockstar and Kipp and the gang at BCxFour.

Sorry, I'm not ignoring. Swear! OK, maybe ignoring a little. But, it's just that all my damn pictures are of dogs and don't really have any stories.

The deal is you go to your photo archives on your computer and go into the 6th folder and count up to the 6th picture and post it on your blog, along with the story that goes with it.

Can you guess what mine is? Go ahead....I'll give a minute...



OMG!! BC's!! Who would have guessed?

That's Bella and her former AZ dog park pal, Champ, hiding behind a jump.
Exciting, right?

Well, I checked my 6th on my cell phone, too, just to see if my life was any more exciting over there...little bit...

Mr. Joe Thornton after getting the boot from the face-off circle


Monday, December 22, 2008

An Old Friend

Friend, playmate, confidant, teacher of fetch.

Some may just call it a cat toy.

We call it the longest living stuffie ever!

Just under a year old in 2004. Napping with Piggy.2005 with Piggy on a trip to Grandmas house in Illinois.
(She actually had a Froggie, too, but I forgot him at a hotel in NM on this very bad!)
Always the staple, getting used to the new California digs.And even as an old lady of almost 6, sometimes you just need to nap with a, right now.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Yay! Some Portrait Success!

They're looking at me!!

And not in a miserable manner!!
And, look, Bella was even thoughtful enough to get a few leaves on her head for the extra cute-factor. What a good girl. Always thinking, that Bella.
And one short jaunt away from the trees and - voila! - summer-y lookin' pics!

Yay for cooperative dogs!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I Didn't Know She'd Hold A Grudge

The Saturday Players

"Umm, good morning. Bella here. Not sure if we've met."

"You do look a tad familar"

"Oh yeah. I know you. I never forget a face. Haha"

Apparently Mr. Sheep was not in the mood for small talk. He put Bella into the fence! I know, right? What an asshole! I had no idea sheep had anger issues. I also had no idea I would ever think of a sheep as an "asshole."

Bella appernelty does now, too, because after there little break, she went straight for the smack talking.

"What you going to do without your fence, Tough Guy?"

"You're ugly and you smell funny!"

"And...and...your Mama was a goat!"

Friday, December 12, 2008

What Happens When You're Lazy

I just had to pick today to not feel like lugging camera equipment. I'll just use ye ol point and shoot. Fits great in the pocket! No muss, no fuss! So, of course, I was treated to a day of spactacular Kateness. I think she was in the air more than she was on the ground. And, I think she did it on purpose. You know how those quiet-types are, with the underlying biterness and all. Well, not only and I out of practice dealing with the damned delay, but I'm also not so thrilled anymore with the grainy, flat weirdness that is auto cam.

I have a lot of these...
I did manage to get a few in frame

She was on a roll today!

Bella's version of On A Roll

Oh, and, little photo tip...Don't try to do cute fall portraits at the end of a run session. They end up looking more like hostage photos. :-)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Split Personality

When Kate has the ball, it's all goofy, all the time
Her turn, though, serious as a heart attack Serious doesn't always mean you look good, though. :-)