Thursday, April 18, 2013

Wow, An Agility Weekend

When we travel I always take a blanket with. One, hotel comforters are gross. Two, if I am staying at a nice hotel I hate leaving a shit-ton of dog hair everywhere. Don’t like being that person.
Every time we go I remind myself that I need to get a new travel blanket. The one we have is fleece, which is fine for me and fine for Bella but upsetting for Kate. She hates static and since she cannot just stand up and move around like a normal dog and insists on shuffling everywhere she gets very….charged. It’s entertaining when the lights are off. Fourth of July without the traffic and drunks. However, she seems to think that she is being corrected by some unseen force and then doesn’t want to move on the bed. Or does so with her eyes all a-squinty.
For Bella, though? Good camo.
One must be fashionably matchy while napping 600_1610
Kate was thrilled to have a fleece-free couch. 600_1617
Which was also sort of matchy 600_1606
It’s a little odd that the only pics I took of Bella this weekend were in the hotel room. Maybe there will be some agility ones of her?
Lots of Kate and airborne Charlie bears
Lots of Kate and Frisbee
Which she is horrible at but OMG! FUN! THROW IT! 600_1659
Lots of Master William with stuff on his face
See this look?
That’s Portie for “Why do you hate me so?” It’s very similar to the Border-ish Collie version but with slightly less angst.
Bella and I had a smashing weekend. We have not touched a piece of agility equipment in 6 months so there was a little bit of a Weeeee! factor going on, but whatevs, it was fun as hell. Bella has never been a fan of collecting. This weekend? Holy cow! Her stride length was approximately 40 feet or so. :)
The only thing she NQ’d in was Colors. Or as I like to call it: Stupid Fucking Colors. She also placed in everything except Snooker because we went for the low point straight tunnel. She was having so much fun zooming around that asking her to wrap, wrap, wrap would have broken her little heart.
And, bonus Fudge because A) his name is Fudge and B) he is the bestest behaved dog ever. Fudge
Seriously, he makes Kate and Bella look like hooligans!