Monday, October 27, 2014

NOLA sans dogs

Everybody has this shot, right? Kinda like that same picture of the Golden Gate everyone and their uncle has taken? 

Jackson Square 

Loved, loved, loved New Orleans.


I would move there in a heartbeat if there was something for me to do work-wise. Not heavy into the manufacturing there. They seem to prefer cooking over making. The Ritz on Canal. Not where I stayed.


Back in my yoot, oh about a hundred years ago, I drove a carriage in Chicago. Pay sucked. Weather really sucked. (Consider sitting on Michigan Ave for 10 hours in February. Brr doesn’t cover it.) However, 20+ years later and it is still the best job I have ever had. I sat in Jackson Square drinking badass coffee and contemplating whether a return to an outdoor job would be a good move. They seem to use mules there instead of horses. Not sure why. Could driving them be much different? Maybe I sort of retire at 44 and become a tourist schlepper? 

Jackson Brewery 

The people there are just great. It always seems to go to one extreme or the other with touristy places. Either the locals are assholes to you because you’re not from there or they are overly fake-nice like Disney-esque-no-one-is-really-that-happy nice. In New Orleans, nicely right in the middle. Friendly, happy to point you in the right direction, but not overly anything. They also love to point out that it is New Orleans…two words…not nawlins….not new orleeeeeeeens….just New Orleans. We have the same thing here. San Francisco is San Francisco. Or even just The City. Not San Fran. Certainly not Frisco. And if you want someone to know for sure that you are not from here please refer to California as Cali.


This about sums up New Orleans. Dru Hill, SWV, Alton Brown. 
Indeed. Haha. 

Saenger Theater